How to use the Electron ZK Bridge

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1. Go to Double check the URL.

2. Connect your wallets. 

We support a large variety of Ethereum and Near wallets. You can choose Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase, Ledger, WalletConnect among others for Ethereum.

You can choose from MyNearWallet, Here Wallet, Meteor Wallet, and Sender for Near.

3. From Ethereum to Near bridge

  • Select "Ethereum" as From and "Near" as to.
  • Enter the amount you'd like to bridge. You can click on "max" button to fill the max value.
  • Your Near address is automatically filled. You can enter a different address by clicking on "Click to enter manually" icon.
  • In the next step, you will approve a transaction. You can also manage custom approvals by clicking on "Custom Approval" button
  • After the above transaction is successful, you can initiate a transfer request.

4. From Near to Ethereum bridge

The steps for Near to Ethereum are same as above in reverse.

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